Mah Society of Ontario

Uniting the families of the Mah clan in Ontario, Canada.

Special Announcement 特別啟事

Additional Information

Special Bulletin:

Due to the recent fire our facility at 111A D'Arcy Street is temporarily closed until further notice.  For inquiries please e-mail us or call one of our directors.  Thank you.


由於最近會所失火,會所暫時關閉,直至修理完畢為止。 如有急需請聯絡有關人等 查詢。  

Property Holdings Bulletin:

On behalf of the "MAHS OF ONTARIO PROPERTY HOLDINGS LTD.", in order to better serve and communicate with all of its shareholders, it is requested that all share certificate holders to promptly provide your current contact information through the e-mail address provided on this website.


代表「安省馬氏物業控股有限公司」啟事, 為保持更好服務,請各位股東儘快採用以下電郵地址提供貴下聯絡資料。

Upcoming Events 節目表

No upcoming events.

About Us 有關我們

What We Do

For the past 35 years, the Mah Society is proud to serve its loyal, growing community of Mah clans. By providing scholarships, opportunities to socialize with each other, and a commitment to giving back to the Chinese community, we ensure our members are provided a variety of opportunities. 

Family of Mah 馬氏家族

Romanization as Ma, Mah, Mar (Mandarin, Cantonese)
Beh/Baey (Teochew)
Ma (Korean)
Mã (Vietnamese)
Ma (Korean)
Beh/Baey (Thai)

Who We Are

Ma (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: ) is a Chinese family name. The surname literally means "horse". It is one of the most common family names in China. As of 2006, it ranks as the 14th most common Chinese surname in Mainland China and the most common surname within the Chinese community, specifically the Hui people, Dongxiang people, and Salar people.[1]The offspring of Zhao She adopted "Ma" (馬), the first word of the district Ma Fu, as their surname. Other romanizations include Mah, Beh and Mar.

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Contact Us 聯絡我們

We would be glad to hear from you.  Please call our office number +1 (416) 977-7680 or e-mail us at  We will get back to you as soon as possible.  

請聯絡於電話 +1 (416) 977-7680 或於電郵

Mah Society of Ontario, Canada 加拿大 安省馬氏宗親會

111A D'Arcy Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1R2

+1 (416) 977-7680


Monday - Sunday: 9am - 5pm

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